E-mail This Drupal module

E-mail This gives opportunity to send a link to a node via e-mail from a web form.
Your e-mail is never revealed, so there is NO FEAR of SPAM and such.


  • Adds a link to every node ‘e-mail this’. On this page e-mail can be sent to an e-mail recipient alerting him/her to see the selected page.
  • Link visibility can be turned on/off (on settings page), even though the page node/{nid}/emailthis an be accessed in eighter case, where nid is the node id of the page.


New in 0.2

  • Logging of successful sending (in watchdog)
  • Logging of e-mail addresses of successful sending (in watchdog)
  • Access control permission for using E-mail This

New in 0.2.1

  • Some textual corrections
  • Hungarian Transalation .po

New in 0.2.2 (for 4.6.0 [2006-01-23])

  • Fixed invalid XHTML (missing closing tag for the form)

New in 0.1 (for 4.7.0 [2006-01-23])

  • Converted forms to use Drupal 4.7’s Forms API
  • Added themeable e-mail body
  • Reduced the number of menu callbacks in favor of Drupal 4.7’s form validation API.


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