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Hiring Secrets Of A Distributed Company

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 23 - 19:00

In my experience as a human resources professional, Lullabot hires like nowhere else. Being a 100% distributed company means we have a few things working for and against us that traditional companies do not. In my capacity as Lullabot's HR Coordinator, I've helped facilitate the hiring of more than 50 people since 2010. Here are some things we’ve learned along the way.

Module Monday: Node Revision Delete

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 21 - 13:00

Drupal's revisioning system is really powerful. Out of the box we can keep track of changes in our content and restore to a previous version with just a couple clicks. However, on large sites with a lot of activity in their content, revisions can grow exponentially up to a size that it can compromise performance and disk storage. The Node Revision Delete module can help us to keep this under control.

The Alley Effect

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 16 - 19:00

I had a really great meal today at a new restaurant called Denden Café Asiana in Providence. It's kind of out of the way – on a historical residential street that doesn't get a lot of drive-by traffic. It's not near any stores. It's kind of hidden away. I found out about it because it had amazing reviews on Yelp. I got a parking spot right out front. The food was amazing and it wasn't particularly expensive. I had a great meal in a nice little restaurant.

Module Monday: Honeypot

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 14 - 19:00

Fighting spam is an ongoing cat and mouse game as site owners come up with protections against spam, and spammers come up with increasingly impressive ways to bypass those protections. Solutions like Mollom have been popular in recent years, however Mollom is tied to an external service and only works while that service is running smoothly. Additionally, it costs money if your site has a lot of traffic. CAPTCHA challenges are also a popular solution, but they have accessibility problems -- and automated tools are getting increasingly successful at bypassing them.

Front-end Rapport #3

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 11 - 19:00
Current Trends in Browser Market Share

Topics: Browsers

Arstechnica does a visual deep-dive into browser market shares through multiple charts and graphs — breaking down worldwide browser trends and adoption rates.

'Bots Gone Camping

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 9 - 20:00

This past weekend Jerad Bitner and I celebrated America's birthday in Marin County by taking part in this year's edition of NodeConf. The two of us have been experimenting with node.js for the past couple of years, but this was our first large event focused on the platform. Unlike the more traditional conferences we've been to, NodeConf felt a bit more like a camp. Not just because it was around a 300 person event, but because we spent the weekend in a tent!

Front-end Rapport #2

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 4 - 20:30
Web Technologies Hanging Out Together

Topics: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Chris Coyier dives into how front-end code interacts and intersects, and provides some insight into the building blocks that create the front-end language ‘stack’.

DrupalCon Session Selection

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, július 4 - 13:59

The session selection for DrupalCon Amsterdam has just been completed and will be announced next week. In this episode Addison Berry is joined by Steve Parks (steveparks), Pedro Cambra (pcambra), and Michael Schmid (schnitzel) to talk about how this actually works.

Front-end Rapport #1

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, június 27 - 19:00
Use Cases and Requirements for Element Queries

Topics: Element Queries, RICG

CSS Regression Testing with Resemble.js

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, június 25 - 21:00

Roughly a year ago Alex Sexton's Smashing Magazine article highlighted a new role emerging amidst the increasing complexity of front-end work in a responsive world: Front End Ops. Since that article was published, there's been an entire conference devoted to the subject, and folks like Chris Ruppel have evangelized similar roles and supporting tools to the Drupal community.

Receive Desktop Notifications in Chrome for Tests

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, június 13 - 18:00

During the extended weekend sprints at DrupalCon Austin, I discovered what an enthusiastic test refresher I am. When you submit a patch to the Drupal core issue queue, and even some contributed modules, a handy testbot will come along and ensure that your proposed code changes don't break any existing tests. Like most people, I found myself with lots of tabs open, compulsively refreshing each one to see if my test had completed or not.

Announcing Lullabot's 6th Annual DrupalCon Party

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, május 30 - 21:47

Oh the irony! We've been spending so much time planning our DrupalCon party that we've forgotten to officially announce it. Here's the details:

Lullabot's DrupalCon Party 2014
Wednesday, June 4th
121 East 5th St (at Brazos St)
Austin, TX
7pm 'til whenever
(just 3 blocks from DrupalCon)

Web Services

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, május 30 - 14:45

Web services, APIs, structured data. These things are all the rage right now and with good reason. As more and more internet enabled devices start wanting to make use of the data in our websites we need to give them some way to interact with that data that isn't point and click in a browser. Lucky for us Drupal users the Services module for Drupal makes this a pretty straightforward task.

MSNBC Video and DrupalCon Case Study

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, május 29 - 20:28

In the past 8 years, we've had the privilege of working on some amazing high-profile projects. We helped extend the reach of Drupal, building some of the earliest household name Drupal websites including projects for MTV, Sony Music, FastCompany, WWE, Martha Stewart, Harvard University, and many more. Late in 2012 we were approached about what would become one of the most ambitious projects we've ever launched.

Lullabot's Latest Mobile App: Shoot

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, május 27 - 18:39

I go to a lot of conferences and events. Even before I started attending DrupalCons and camps 8 years ago, I filled my year with SXSW, An Event Apart, and many other web and music conferences. As so much of our lives move online, these in-person get-togethers are really important. They're a really great way to see old friends and meet new people. They're also the source of most of the business cards in my life.

What is a Distributed Company?

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, május 22 - 16:30

Since 2006, Lullabot has existed as a company without a central office. Early on we called ourselves a "virtual company". We also toyed with other terms like "officeless" or "remote", but none of these terms ever felt right. The term "virtual" always felt ephemeral – like the business itself was made up and the company could evaporate at any time.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, május 16 - 14:08

In this episode Addison Berry talks with special guest Will Hetherington (from NetroMedia), along with Lullabots Joe Shindelar and Ben Chavet, about content delivery networks, otherwise known as CDNs. The term is thrown around quite a lot, especially when talking about ways to improve your site performance, but what exactly is a CDN and how do they work?

Building a Development Matrix

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, április 30 - 19:00

Breaking down a digital project into bite-sized pieces is often a challenge, because there are so many ways to do it. User stories, functional silos, and more can all be useful. Recently, we've also used what we call a "Development Matrix" — an inventory of a website's visible, visitor-facing components. What landing pages, common template pages, and index pages must be built? What components (blocks, images, videos, text) show up on those pages?

Having this inventory of pages and components in a spreadsheet gives us a clear picture of every element that needs to be accounted for in the finished site, and allows us to track the completion of those pieces more accurately. We can calculate the project's visible progress, and it can even help us prioritize architectural work. If a particular component appears on more pages than another, then it's going to have a bigger impact on our bottom line.

Dodging Cassandra

Lullabot Podcast - 2014, április 22 - 17:00

“You’re all doomed.”

When my wife introduced me to the world of opera a few years ago, I assumed it’d be a peek into high culture, not a lesson in keeping technology projects on track. But as we sat through Les Troyens — The Trojans — I watched a familiar story unfold.

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